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  • Gratitude...and perhaps a little thirsty, is what I feel when I think about all of the great beer options in our home town of Portland, Oregon.
  • This ever changing website was started in 2003 with the intention of giving back as a simple thank you to all those who make Portland such a great craft beer destination.
  • Below you will find a constantly changing resource of Portland beer related websites. Why re-invent the wheel? That would take away from beer drinking time.
  • If you want to follow my personal beer adventures around town, take a look at my Twitter feed: @Portland_Beer
  • If you want to meet up for a beer or would like to discuss importing/exporting one way kegs (OWK) to Canada, Asia and Europe, bottles or cans of Portland craft beers to your home town, email me.
  • If you have a media package of beer or schwag samples to send, please email me for for my shipping address.
  • If you are looking to hang out with a bunch of like minded Portland beer fanatics, come to one of our bottle shares. Twitter updates: #PDXBottleShare

 Our next PDX Bottle Share event #PDXBottleShare is at Migration Brewing Saturday May 18th, 2013, 11:00 am - Noon (hint: arrive at 11 am sharp as the good stuff goes early). Free event, just bring 1 cold bottle or can of unique craft beer to share with others. Homebrew, hard cider & mead is always welcome.  
 Our doppleganger PortlandBeer.org was est. in 2005 by Matther Wiater. He has had plenty of help gathering beer statistics, lists of taprooms, partial list of bottleshops, breweries, & there is even a make your own/share brewery crawl map option. There is a list of beer festivals, a more traditional beer blog, and even a list of beer contests to enter, and more.  
 beervana.blogspot.com is the brain child of Jeff Alworth and dates back to 2006. It is a traditional beer blog which never seems to end in its breadth and depth of beer coverage. Jeff covers news, reviews, industry, philosophy and just about everything under the sun and moon in this impressive beer blog. 
 If you are a fan of poor grammar, dark wit, sarcasm and lots of pics of beer being held with up by a hand with really dirty fingernails, then you could do worse than newschoolbeer.com. Started by Ezra Johnson-Greenough aka SamuraiArtist. Ezra focuses on beer news and events with occasional reviews which tend to be more generalized or focused on locations rather than specific beers. Ezra is usually the 1st to break new Oregon beer stories in many cases.